I'm Braidy, owner of Shrinking Violet Kitchen
Home based
Cake Decorator and Baker in Logan, Queensland


I have always been in love with three things in life,

art, vintage knick knacks, and baking. 

I have been baking and painting most of my life, with my mum and nanna getting me involved in the kitchen from a very young age, and both of them being huge creative influencers in my life.

Seven years ago I went vegan, after being vegetarian for 23 years.

And with veganism I fell in love with creating food all over again,

especially all things baked, as they have always held a soft spot in my heart.

So was born, Shrinking Violet Kitchen, the namesake of our daughter Violet.

She is like a bowl full of sprinkles and inspires me everyday <3

This little business is like a dream for me.

Started in the midst of a pandemic.. I'm dreaming big, in the hope that one day I will be able to turn this small homebased business into a shop front, filled with vintage finds, original art and vegan sweet treats to drown in over a latte or two.

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