+ Terms & Conditions 

This page is for frequently asked questions and the Shrinking Violet Kitchen terms and conditions for placing an order.

 If this page doesn't cover your query please contact me via email at


Are all your products vegan?

Yes! I am a 100% exclusively vegan baker, so all of my products are made without the use of dairy, eggs and animal products.

Do you do gluten free?

Unfortunately I currently do not have the capacity to hold the dedicated equipment required to offer gluten free options. 

What about other allergen free baking?

My work kitchen processes nuts, coconut, legumes, soy, chocolate, strawberries and gluten.


Whilst the utmost care is taken to avoid cross contamination I cannot guarantee that it won't occur.

If you have an allergy or need to cater to someone that does, please contact me via email or the contact form to discuss whether the products that I can provide are suitable.

How do I store my cake and/or sweet treats, and how long will they keep for?

Treat & Grazing Boxes:

Your treat box contents need to be refrigerated, especially in our lovely Queensland summer! Transfer the contents of your treat box to an air tight container/s when you get them home, unless you are eating them immediately.

Any brownies, blondies or truffle balls will keep for 5-7 days from collection and any cookies included will keep for 3-4 days. If your box includes cake or cupcakes these are best eaten on the day of collection.

Cakes & Cupcakes: 

Cakes and cupcakes are generally best consumed on the day of collection. If you are collecting a buttercream celebration cake or cupcakes they are best kept refrigerated as soon as possible after collection. 

As they are both best consumed at room temperature, please remove any cupcakes from the fridge approximately (a minimum) of 15-20 minutes before consumption, and buttercream cakes approximately 20-30 minutes prior to consumption. 

If you plan on displaying your cakes or cupcakes please bare in mind the Queensland heat and keep them out of direct sun.

Transportation of Celebration Cakes: 

If you are collecting a layer cake from Shrinking Violet Kitchen it is best advised not to do so alone. For best transportation means a passenger that can hold the boxed cake on their lap is suggested.

If this is not possible, it is best to place the cake box on the floor of the passenger side. A flat level space where the cake box is not able to move around will ensure the safest possible transit.

Also suggested is to make sure that your vehicle is cool for transportation, so keep the air conditioning on until you arrive safely at your destination. This also applies for cupcake, treat box and grazing box orders.

Layer cakes will be boxed with a non slip mat to reduce the likelihood of the cake moving inside the box during transportation.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Quotes & Payments

Methods of payment are credit card, PayPal, Direct Deposit and Cash.

Upon accepting a quote, a payment of a minimum 50% deposit against the order total is required to book in your date. If making your payment via Direct Deposit please email through a time receipt as these payments may take a few days to be received.


Your deposit will be required within 7 business days of your quote being sent, unless otherwise specified (shorter turnaround timeframes will require an urgent deposit payment).

Deposit payments made outside of the required time will not guarantee your order. 

Once payment of the deposit is received you the customer have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined here.

Final payment of any remaining balance will be required prior to collection of your order.

Customer Responsibility & Consent

Upon accepting your quote by payment of a deposit you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined here.

Once you have received your order and taken it from the Shrinking Violet Kitchen premises you accept full responsibility for the transportation and storage of your order. Any damage incurred once your order leaves our premises is at the responsibility of the customer.

Please ensure that you are aware of the care instructions as outlined in the FAQ.

Shrinking Violet Kitchen reserves the right to use any photos we take of work created for social media, website and marketing purposes.

Changing Your Order & Artistic Design

In the event that you wish to change any design elements of your order please make contact in writing as soon as possible (preferably via email), as there may be time restrains to work with (custom topper turnaround timeframes, sourcing custom themed components). 

Changes made following the initial acceptance of a quote may incur a $20 administration fee.

If you require a date change for your order, following your acceptance of a quote, it must be submitted in writing with the new date subject to availability.


Shrinking Violet Kitchen reserves the right to refuse/cancel an order if there is no availability for the new date requested. In the event that an agreement not be reached on changes to the revised quote, the normal cancellation procedure is applicable.


Whist great care is taken to complete your order as requested, some factors including but not limited to, availability of supplies, seasonal and environmental elements may result in design changes at the discretion of Shrinking Violet Kitchen.

Any slight variations to your order under these circumstances are not grounds for a refund on your order once received.

Shrinking Violet Kitchen reserves the right to artistic license and the customer acknowledges this in placing their order.

Whilst the provision of inspiration images for guidance are welcomed, Shrinking Violet Kitchen will not recreate another cake artists work. Please bare this in mind before placing your order or requesting a quote.

Cancellations & Refunds

All cancelation requests must be made in writing.

Cancelations made with less than 1 weeks notice will be refunded any payments received less the 50% deposit. 

If in the case that you are unhappy with your order once received , please provide detailed feedback in writing and return the majority of the product within 48 hours of collection.

Once your order has been returned a partial or full refund (under outstanding circumstances) or replacement may be granted depending on the issue identified.